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November 2016

Killed in Tragic Bus Accident

6 Children Killed in Tragic Bus Accident

On Monday before Thanksgiving, tragedy struck Chattanooga, TN when a bus driver crashed a bus into a tree. Five children died at the scene. A sixth child passed away at the hospital. Five other children remain at the hospital. Toxicology exams did not show any alcohol or drugs in the driver’s system

Dog Bite Attorney

What Should a Victim Do if Attacked by a Dog?

We have experience pursuing compensation for clients who have been seriously and permanently injured by dog attacks. In some instances, the property owner, HOA, landlord and others may be partly responsible for the attack if they were negligent or knew of the dog’s dangerous propensities. Call O’Hara Law Firm after receiving initial medical treatme

Dog Bite Attorney

Insurance Coverage for Dog Attacks

Many dog owners are not able to pay a judgment against them if they are found responsible for the injuries caused by their dog. Texas law makes it difficult to collect from a person who does not have insurance. Texas law protects many assets from creditors. A creditor cannot take a person’s homestead, car, trade tools, pets and up to $100,000 of personal property.

Dog attack and ready to bite in Houston TX

Dog Bite Statistics

Everyday, approximately 1,000 people in the United States require emergency care treatment as the result of a dog bite injury. Half of those seeking treatment are children. Pit bulls and Rottweilers are responsible for 80% of all serious dog attacks and 73% of all deaths caused by dogs in America during the past ten years. Over 30 countries have breed specific legislation as a result of these statistics.

The Defective Remington Rifle

The Defective Remington Rifle

Remington Arms Company, LLC has sold and marketed rifle with defective triggers for over thirty years. Remington’s Model 700 rifles with the “Walker” trigger and newer X-Mark Pro (XMP) triggers can fire without warning. Plaintiffs have successfully won lawsuits against Remington since the 1980s alleging that the rifles misfire without pulling the trigger.

Dog attack and ready to bite in Houston TX

Baby Girl Attacked by Grandparents’ Dog

Two weeks ago, an eighteen-month-old from Houston, Texas was attacked by her grandparents’ springer spaniel while visiting. The dog was well trained and had not shown aggression in the past. However, the dog was not raised with children. The dog bit the child on the top of the head and would not let go when the child’s father attempted to pull the dog off the child.

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