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February 2017

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Homeowner Association Liability for Dog Attack

Homeowner associations (HOAs) also called property owner associations (POAs) may be liable when a dog bites a person in a common area owned by the association. A homeowner association may be found responsible for the attack under several different scenarios. The board of directors of the associations have a fiduciary duty to the members to maintain the property.

Pit Bull Mix and Border Collie Kill Child and Injure Others

This year in a suburb of Atlanta, two loose dogs killed a six-year old child and critically wounded two other children. The dogs’ owner has been charged with reckless conduct. During the morning, parents and neighbors rushed outside after hearing children screaming. One resident rushed outside with his gun and found the mother of the dead child crying over the limp body of her child. The resident picked up the boy and carried him to the ambulance, but the child’s injuries were too severe…

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Dog Mauls 2-Month Old to Death

Earlier this month, a family pet mauled a 2-month old to death in San Marcos, Texas. The family had owned the dog for eight years since it was a puppy. The father fell asleep on the couch with the infant in a bouncer. When he awoke, he found his child’s body covered in bites. The family claims the dog had never shown any signs of aggression prior to the deadly attack. Stories like this are heartbreaking..

Why Hire an Attorney for a Car Accident Claim?

Insurance adjustors often attempt to take advantage of injured people who are not represented by counsel by making low settlement offers and refusing to increase their offers. Insurance adjustors know that most unrepresented parties do not have the knowledge and means to pursue a lawsuit without an attorney. Thus, an injured party can threaten all …

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