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April 2017

Five Students Bitten by Stray Dog

This week five students were bitten by a stray dog at YES Prep. The students were bitten during recess around noon. The stray dog approached the children, and then several students began petting and playing with the dog. The dog began biting shoes and then injured the children. A teacher intervened and placed the dog in her car until animal control officers arrived.

Rescue a Pet with the help of law

Who is Responsible When a Pet Owner is Injured Attempting to Rescue a Pet?

A person takes the risk that he or she might be seriously injured when attempting to rescue a pet from an attack by another animal. Many pet owners will not think twice before attempting to save their pet from an attack by another dog despite the risk of personal harm. The owner of the aggressive dog might blame the other dog owner for his own injuries when breaking up a dog fight or defending a dog from an attack.

Characteristics of Vicious Dog Breed Owners

Several studies over the past few decades have studied whether there are any common personality traits or characteristics for people who own vicious dogs. Of course, every dog owner is unique, but these studies found a statistically significant increased risk of certain types of behavior among owners of “high-risk” breeds of dogs for injuring people…

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