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March 2018

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Modified Comparative Fault in Texas

Texas is a modified comparative fault state. When an injured person seeks compensation for an injury caused by a motor vehicle collision, the injured person must prove the other driver is at fault. If more than one entity is at fault for the person’s injuries, each entity is responsible for compensating the victim based upon its percentage of fault.

Should I Wait for the Police After a Car Accident?

If a person is involved in a motor vehicle collision, Texas Transportation Code Section 550.023 requires the driver of the vehicle to exchange information and render aid. Texas Law requires the driver to give: (1) his name and address; (2) registration number of the vehicle; and (3) name of the operator’s motor vehicle liability insurance to any person injured or the operator or occupant of the other vehicle involved in the collision. In addition, if it is requested, the operator is required to show his driver’s license.

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