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October 2019

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Statute of Limitations for Dog Bites for Each State

While some states have specific laws regarding injuries caused by dog bites, most states also permit an injured person to recover compensation for injuries caused by a dog bite through the theory of negligence. Common fact scenarios where dog owners are found liable for a bite include: dog escapes from yard, dog on walk without a leash, dog escapes through front door and dog bites a second time.

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O’Hara Law Firm Sues Walmart on Behalf of Injured Woman

The O’Hara Law Firm represents a woman who was injured at a Walmart store located in Houston, Texas. The woman was returning to her car when she fell in the parking lot. She tripped over bolts protruding out of the asphalt parking lot. The elderly woman injured her knees, back, neck and leg in the fall. The incident was reported immediately to Walmart management. The woman sought medical treatment after she returned to her home town.

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