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August 2021

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Two Horrific Dog Attacks on Thursday in Harris County

Two separate dog attacks occurred in Harris County yesterday with horrific results. A young boy was attacked by a husky shortly after getting off a bus in north Harris County. The boy had to climb on top of a car to escape from the dog. But he was bit on his face, arm and leg before he was able to escape. He is in the hospital. An adult male was also put in the hospital in critical condition after two dogs mauled him in northwest Harris County.

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Aldi Slip and Fall Injury In Houston TX

Aldi is one of the leading discount supermarket stores in Texas and the United States. Aldi has over one hundred locations in Texas. Aldi’s stores have a smaller footprint because it relies heavily on store brands. Even though Aldi is a smaller grocery store than most standard grocery stores, many of the same slip and fall hazards may still exist in the store.

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