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Did you know that a fully-loaded semi-truck can weigh up to 80,000 pounds? Thats the equivalent of 40 tons! Trucks
As of May 2021, lawyers earned an average of $152,590 annually. If you need a car accident lawyer in Houston,
Did you know over 500,000 truck-related car accidents happen each year in the United States? One of a truck's most
When do need a CDL license? Figuring out when you need a CDL license can be confusing. It's not always
Do you have enough insurance to cover your semi-trucking business? Commercial truck drivers need the best insurance coverage to shield
Undoubtedly, semi-trucks leave their mark on the highway. These trucks can make their way through difficult terrain and substantial obstacles
107,000 large trucks were in an accident that resulted in injury in 2020. Often, these accidents can be fatal or
Did you know that as many as 42,000 people died from car accidents in 2021 alone? Car accidents happen all
Approximately 130,000 people suffer from injuries in semi-truck accidents annually. Due to the massive size and weight of semi trucks,
Did you know that one reportable crash happened every 57 seconds in Texas in 2021? It's unclear how many of