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Car Accidents Lawyer Car Accident Types in Houston Texas

Car Accidents Lawyer: Car Accident Types in Houston, Texas

Crashes that occurred because of speeding cost Americans over 40.4 billion dollars each year!

Car accidents are never fun to deal with, and they can happen under a variety of circumstances. There are many different types of car accidents, and you need to be familiar with them so that you can be informed as a motorist. 

Being aware of the different types of accidents that can occur will make you more aware so that you can avoid them. It will also help you to know when to hire a car accidents lawyer. Take a look at what you need to know.

Rear-End Collisions

Rear-end collisions are one of the most common accidents that happen on the road. These happen because a motorist is following too closely behind the vehicle in front of them. If the vehicle in front stops suddenly, then they are likely to crash into the back of it.

To avoid rear-end collisions, you must ensure that there is enough space between you and the vehicle in front of you. You never know when the driver in front of you will stop or make a turn. 

They may not indicate that they are doing so. If you are not following far enough behind them, you can rear-end them.

Head On Collisions

Perhaps the most dangerous type of crash is a head-on collision. They are less common than rear-end collisions but do happen.

This type of accident happens when both vehicles are moving toward each other and then collide. These collisions are much more likely to be fatal

Head-on collisions are caused by several reasons. It may be due to drivers being distracted or impaired by alcohol. The speed at which both drivers are driving can also cause this type of accident.

Side Impact Collisions

Another type of accident that often occurs is a side-impact collision. When vehicles are moving in different directions, and they collide at a perpendicular angle, it forms a T shape when they collide.

This type of collision is dangerous for passengers sitting along the side of the vehicle. To make matters worse, the side of the vehicle usually has less mass to cushion the impact.

These accidents are usually caused at intersections where people disregard the use of traffic signs and other signals. The driver is usually distracted or impaired in some way when these accidents happen.

Single Vehicle Accidents

Single-vehicle accidents are common in Houston, Texas. These types of accidents are the results of a driver hitting something in their path while they are driving. They may hit an animal, tree, or even an electrical pole. 

Sometimes poor weather conditions can also be a contributing factor to single-vehicle accidents. 

Single-vehicle accidents can cause not only damage to the vehicle but to the occupants as well. It can be even more dangerous if something causes the vehicle to skid into the road into the path of other oncoming cars.

Even if the car does not get into the path of another oncoming vehicle, the accident can still be dangerous if the object the car hits is hard enough.

More than any type of accident, single-vehicle accidents happen because the driver is under the influence of alcohol.

Side-Swipe Accidents

Sideswipe accidents are a bit rarer, but they do occur. This accident occurs when two vehicles are traveling in a parallel direction to each other. One vehicle may strike the side of the other.

This often happens when one driver fails to see where the other vehicle is located because of a blind spot. These accidents can occur when a driver is trying to get into another lane.

In general, these accidents can be avoided by looking carefully into mirrors before merging or switching lanes.

Multi-vehicle accidents

Multi-vehicle accidents usually involve three or more vehicles. They can be one of the most deadly forms of accidents that can occur.

The more vehicles that are involved in a collision, the higher the likelihood that several people will be injured. 

Sometimes when there is a rear-end collision, it can cause a chain reaction. 

This means that one vehicle rear-ends another, and the other may accidentally hit the vehicle in front of it, and that vehicle may also inadvertently hit another. 

This is one scenario, but there can be several other reasons why a multi-vehicle collision can occur. Whatever the reason, they are among the most deadly crashes.

Roll Over Accidents

Rollover accidents can happen for several reasons. One of the biggest reasons why they may occur is because a driver is speeding, which can cause them to lose control of the vehicle and slam into something. 

When they do this, the vehicle may roll over and end up going off the side of a road, and the vehicle may start rolling over.

Rollover accidents are especially dangerous because they can cause the driver’s seat to eject the driver, throwing them out of the vehicle.

Accidents Caused By Blindspots

Blind spot accidents can easily be avoided if drivers know and understand the vehicle they are using. Drivers need to make sure that they are aware of any blind spots that may be on the vehicle that they are driving. 

Blindspot accidents are one of the most avoidable types of accidents. Those who are driving large vehicles need to be aware that they may not be able to see smaller vehicles. 

This is why if you’re driving a small vehicle, you should try to stay at a safe distance behind a larger one. If you are driving behind a truck or a large SUV, the driver may switch lanes on you and accidentally run into you, simply because they did not see your vehicle.

Low-Speed Accidents

Another type of accident that can occur is a low-speed accident. Typically drivers are told not to speed because this is the most common way in which collisions occur. However, it is worth noting that low-speed accidents are also common.

Low-speed accidents can be fatal if a driver is behind the wheel of a larger vehicle, such as an SUV. Pedestrians and cyclists tend to be most vulnerable to this type of accident.

However, those in the vehicle can be injured in this type of accident if the driver has to slam on the brakes to prevent hitting someone outside of the vehicle. This can result in whiplash, broken bones, and neck injuries.

Merging Accidents

A very common type of accident that can occur is a merging accident. These are very common in crowded lanes and are usually caused by the impatience or lack of skill of one driver. However, it is worth noting that even the most experienced drivers can have merging accidents.

A driver that has come to a point in the road where they need to wait to merge into traffic may underestimate how fast the other vehicles are coming, and they may try to merge into the traffic a lot more quickly than they should. 

This can cause them to crash. Unfortunately, this type of accident can be very dangerous for everyone involved.

How to Handle an Accident

The best way to handle an accident is to call the police immediately. You should also get the details of the other driver as well. If the accident is severe enough, then ambulances will have to be involved, and people will need to go to the hospital. 

If you are involved in an accident but don’t feel as if you have any injuries, you should still get yourself checked out by a medical practitioner. This is because you may have a delayed reaction to your accident.

Failure to get medical help at the right time can cause you to lose any compensation that you may get from an accident. You need to have some form of medical report, and it needs to be done very soon after the accident has taken place.

Get Help from a Car Accidents Lawyer

Another thing that you should do once you are involved in an accident is to get professional help. This should come in the form of a licensed car accident lawyer

An attorney will help you to defend yourself or make a claim to an insurance company. Generally speaking, when you are involved in a car accident, whether you are liable or not, it is always best to get a lawyer to assist you. 

Failure to do this may result in you losing your case or forfeiting your compensation.

Knowledge Is Power

It is never pleasant to be involved in a car accident. There are many different types of car accidents out there, and if you should find yourself involved in any of these, you should call the police, get medical help and seek the help of an attorney as soon as possible. 

Understanding the different kinds of accidents that can occur can make you more aware when you are on the road, and this knowledge is power. This will make it less likely that you will be involved in any type of accident. 

If you have been involved in a car accident and need the help of a car accidents lawyer, please contact us today.

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