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Car Accidents Lawyer Do You Need a Lawyer After a Car Accident Claim

Car Accidents Lawyer: Do You Need a Lawyer After a Car Accident Claim?

Every year nearly 4,000 people die in car crashes each year in Texas. This is greater than any other state in America. It’s no surprise, however, with it being such a busy state.

But since not all car accidents are fatal, the real question is: do you need a lawyer following a collision? In this article, we’ll explain what a car accidents lawyer is, when you need one, and what the benefits of hiring one are in Houston, Texas. Then, you can choose if it’s right for you to hire a car accident lawyer.

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What Is a Car Accident Lawyer?

If you’re in a road accident and have been injured, it’s time to seek help from a car accident lawyer. It’s the right move so that you can receive the compensation that’s right for you.

car accident lawyer is an attorney that represents you in a case where you’re involved in a road collision. Here’s how they can help you:

  • Collects evidence involving the crash
  • Helps you with insurance claims
  • Defends you in a court of law
  • Give advice about possible compensation entitlement
  • Assist with medical claims due

In addition, as auto accident attorneys they give guidance about how to proceed with your claims, take control of them, and give you respite. With all the stress following the crash, it’s important that you have the right support system in place. At O’Hara Attorney, that’s what we’re here to do – we’re with you all the way to ensure you receive a fair settlement.

When to Hire a Car Accident Attorney in Houston, Texas

While it’s a shocking experience, your initial thoughts might not be to hire a car accident lawyer. However, it’s definitely the correct course of action. Otherwise, you could leave yourself in a huge problem with a lot of claims to sort through.

During this time, you’ll need a specialist on hand to guide you through the process. It’s perfect to get in touch with an auto accident attorney following a collision if you’ve suffered damages beyond your vehicle immediately. Then, you can have your claims dealt with without the added pressure that you don’t need during such a devastating time.

What to Do Following a Collision

After a crash, you should never leave the scene before making the right calls. After getting in touch with the authorities, then you can contact a car accident lawyer after carrying out your research to find the lawyer that’s the one for you.

While it’s entirely your call, you should never shy away no matter how severe the damage done is. Taking care of personal injuries is part of the job and left alone to work through it can be daunting, lengthy, and confusing. But that shouldn’t have to be the way it is, ever!

What a Car Accident Attorney Can Do to Help

Once you’ve contacted your car accident attorney, there are several ways they can assist you. Here are some of the top ways they can do this, which include:

  • Carrying out an in-depth inspection of your case
  • Handling insurance claims on your behalf
  • Determining who’s at fault for the accident
  • Dealing with any medical expenses and claims
  • Communicating with debt collectors

Now, let’s take a look at all of them and see how O’Hara Attorney can help you.

Carrying Out an In-Depth Inspection of Your Case

We’ll help investigate your claim, working through all processes involved. This includes all points considered in the accident including:

  • Shoddy road conditions
  • Vehicle breakdowns or faults
  • Dangerous driving (on the part of the other party)
  • Destruction of, or lack of required road signs

That’s why it matters who you choose for your case – not all lawyers will consider all relevant matters.

Handling Insurance Claims on Your Behalf

Your lawyer can help you get further with your insurance claims in a timely matter while ensuring that you’re not under-compensated. Insurers will try their best to cut a deal, leaving you short in your pocket.

Insurance providers will even go as far as attempting to refute your claim. However, with the right lawyer, your chance of this happening is greatly reduced.

A trustworthy attorney will handle all your insurance claims and documentation relevant so that you can receive the amount that you deserve. Appreciating that you’re not in the right frame of mind to handle it yourself, your attorney will make sure that all the information’s filed in the correct order. Then, nothing is missing with regard to the accident, and your claim’s dealt with appropriately.

Determining Who’s at Fault for the Accident

When you’re not at fault, an expert car accident lawyer will do everything in their power so that you’re not placed under blame. With photographs of the scene, the opportunity of such can be abolished. In fact, it can prove not only who caused the accident and the damages done to your car, but that which you’ve suffered personally.

This evidence can go a long way in fighting your case should it go to court. Even so, it can help with your personal injury claim.

Dealing With Any Medical Expenses and Claims

Medical claims can be a tedious process to go through, especially when there are multiple expenses to deal with. But that’s where your lawyer comes in handy – we take the time to sort through all the issues.

When we take care of the dealings, you can rest assured that you’ll receive entitlement to the maximum amount of compensation that you’re due. In addition, we can assist with any rehabilitation needs to get your health back on track.

Communicating With Debt Collectors

Det collections can be a pain and you may receive notices of expenses due, possibly even on a regular basis. A good lawyer will assist and negotiate with them to avoid you falling prey to pressurization.

Explaining your case with your collision and medical claims, they can hold off on charges. Payment can be withheld until your claims are fully dealt with after help from a professional auto accident lawyer.

How to Find the Best Car Accidents Lawyer

There are several ways to find the top car accident attorney. However, here we’ll focus on two of the main ones so that you can find the right lawyer for you. Attorneys with the following will be a great option to choose from:

  • High reputation
  • Consistent success rate

How can each of these demonstrate that your lawyer is the one?

High Reputation

Testimonials and online reviews show that a car accident lawyer can be one that’s either trusted or not. O’Hara Attorney has a consistently great reputation that’s available to be seen in client testimonials on our website.

In one such case, a client of ours that had experience with other lawyers placed us head and shoulders above the rest. While the majority of lawyers they worked with weren’t personable and provided limited interaction, they found us to be the opposite – we truly care for our clients!

Consistent Success Rate

With car accident cases, we’ve attained a $475,000 settlement for a case where a client suffered a neck injury as a result of a car accident with a rideshare driver.

Don’t settle for any injury lawyer when you’ve been involved in a road collision. Choose an attorney that will take the time to ensure that you receive the level of compensation that’s truly justifiable.

Why Choose O’Hara Attorney

Each case is unique, and O’Hara Attorney appreciates that – we treat each individual the way they deserve. Working on individual cases, we can ensure you receive the best settlement for you. In addition, you can expect:

  • Professionalism
  • Personalization
  • Justice

We’re seen as “efficient and knowledgeable” and not every case ends up in court – we do our best to provide stress-free assistance with your claims! 

But we’re also highly experienced if your case does go to court. It’s where our lawyers bring out the best, which can be seen in the success rate and settlements we’ve been able to achieve.

O’Hara attorneys include “driven” individuals who always seek to provide top-level, professional care to our clients always.

The Best Car Accident Lawyers in Houston, Texas for You

Car accident lawyers are here to help you in times of need when you’ve been in a road accident that’s not your fault and you’ve sustained injuries as a result. We deal with insurance claims, medical expenses, and negotiate with debt collectors, ensuring you’re compensated fairly for the incident.

Here, we’ve shown you why we, as a reputable, trustworthy, and professional law firm can handle your claims with success. When you choose us, we’ll provide you with a car accidents lawyer that delivers all of your expectations.

If you’ve been in an auto collision, it’s time to get in touch with the top Houston, Texas car accident attorneys in the business. Reach out to us today! We’re ready to get you the settlement that’s right for you and take you through the claims process hassle-free.

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