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Common Semi Truck accident injuries and how Houston attorney can help your case

Common Semi-Truck Accident Injuries And How Houston Attorney Can Help Your Case?

Semi-truck car accidents in Texas are not unusual accidents. Data gathered by the Texas Department of Transportation shows that in 2020 alone, there were 146 statewide fatal injury crashes involving trucks and 413 fatal injury crashes involving truck-tractor or semi-trailers. For suspected serious injury crashes, 466 involve trucks, and 699 involve truck-tractor or semi-trailers. For suspected minor injury crashes, 1,835 involve trucks, and 1,987 involve truck-tractor or semi-trailers. 

These figures represent injury cases. Truck accidents also result in non-injury crashes, such as damage to property. The same data from the Texas Department of Transportation shows that in 2020, non-injury crashes involving trucks totaled 16,841 cases and 16,073 cases involving truck-tractor or semi-trailers. 

These figures keep growing through the years. The data speaks so much of the risks involved in driving trucks. Due to the size of the truck, an accident usually results in fatal injuries to drivers and passengers and enormous damage to the vehicle. It pays to heed the advice to be very cautious in driving trucks to avoid fatal injuries. 

When there is an injury to another person because of the accident, this can lead to various complications. The guilty driver will have to pay for the hospital bills of all persons injured in the accident. To determine who is at fault, investigators will conduct a thorough examination and inspection of the place of the accident and look at the scene from different angles. They will make their findings through a written report on the matter. These investigators will then forward this report to insurance companies that rely on their findings to determine the guilty party.

Unlike a typical car crash, it is expected that semi-truck accidents in Texas result in the worst injuries because of the size and weight of the truck. Unfortunately, these injuries range from severe to fatal. In the worst-case scenario, these injuries even lead to death. If a life is lost or there are severe injuries because of the accident, the guilty driver has a greater responsibility to compensate the victims. Sometimes, if it results in death, the bereaved family will not be willing to compromise, but instead, they will file the appropriate complaint in the proper court. The driver’s insurance company and the truck owner also have a greater responsibility when the truck driver is at fault. 

Suppose you are a victim of a semi-truck accident in Texas. In that case, it is best to call an experienced lawyer to help you with the process of demanding a claim against the insurance company or filing a lawsuit against the guilty driver. When the accident results in death, expect that there will be legal proceedings against the erring driver. These cases will most likely go to trial to determine the facts’ accuracy and the evidence’s weight. You have to be careful in choosing a lawyer, as your lawyer will be the one to represent you in filing cases or making claims against whoever shall be made responsible for the accident.

Get the Maximum Compensation Against Insurance Companies

Filing a claim against insurance companies is a tedious process. Compiling a claim takes time from accomplishing all the paperwork and gathering all relevant evidence. You might need help with where to file the claim and how to do it. You may also need to learn how much time you have to pursue your claim since the law provides a limit. There are so many legal implications in filing claims against insurance companies. Insurance companies want to pay less. The goal of insurance companies is to come up with a good settlement wherein they will give you the least amount they can offer. 

Insurance companies want to avoid liability or minimize the risks or losses as much as possible. Insurance companies will give you many offers. As a rule of thumb, refrain from diving into the first offer from the insurance company, as this is the lowest price they will give you. They expect you to decline the initial offer, so they have a counter-proposal. As you already know that insurance companies will try to lowball you. In this process of negotiation, a semi-truck accident lawyer in Houston represents you on your behalf.

A semi-truck accident lawyer in Houston will help you gather all the data you need so that by the time you file a claim against the insurance company, there is data and evidence to support this claim. You cannot just write a demand without any basis. If your demand is groundless, the insurance company might not approve your claim. The role of a semi-truck accident lawyer in Houston is crucial as they will ensure that your proposal to the insurance company will succeed. It would help if you had the maximum compensation from insurance companies.

You Need a Semi-truck Accident Lawyer in Houston to Gather Evidence

You may need to be more familiar with what evidence is considered admissible or inadmissible. In other words, you may need to find out that you cannot present certain evidence in court. Some rules provide the types of evidence that you may submit in court. If legal jargons are not your thing, then you need a semi-truck accident lawyer in Houston to gather evidence for you. A semi-truck accident lawyer in Houston knows very well what type of evidence is needed, how to gather this evidence, and how you will present this evidence in court. Certain rules must be observed so that the process of gathering and eventually submitting evidence in court will be successful. 

Refrain from letting yourself go through the unnecessary burden of determining acceptable evidence. Allow your lawyer to do this for you. A semi-truck accident lawyer in Houston specializes in data and evidence gathering, making the job much easier.

Truck Drivers Have a Greater Sense of Responsibility Compared to Ordinary Car Drivers

All drivers must be careful, and everyone must follow traffic rules. However, there is a greater sense of responsibility for truck drivers compared to ordinary car drivers due to the size and weight of trucks which will result in enormous damage when an accident happens. As such, truck drivers must abide by unique rules and regulations given by the government of Texas. All truck drivers shall follow stringent driving regulations and rules in cargo handling to avoid accidents as much as possible. These regulations are made to safeguard the interest of the general public. Thus, all truck drivers carefully observe these rules to avoid penalties and ensure safety on the road.

Semi-truck Accident Lawyers in O’Hara Law Firm

Experiencing an accident is a horrific thing. No one wants an accident to happen to anybody. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that we will be spared from accidents. If you happen to get involved in a semi-truck accident in Texas, call a lawyer immediately to help you on the legal matters of filing cases against the guilty person or filing a claim against insurance companies for compensation.

Semi-truck accident lawyers in O’Hara Law Firm have assisted thousands of victims of semi-truck car accidents through the years. These victims vary from those who personally sustained minor or major injuries due to semi-truck car accidents. Victims who suffered minor injuries had a scar, fractures, or minor wounds. Among victims who suffered major injuries are those who had a limb broken, head surgery, misalignment of the spine, and all other surgeries. 

Whether you need to close a deal on a good settlement with the insurance company or win a case in court, you can trust that semi-truck accident lawyers in O’Hara Law Firm will provide you with the legal help you need. The lawyers will help you receive the compensation you deserve and ensure that the person at fault will face the necessary legal consequences in court. 

Ultimately, you want justice and peace of mind following a catastrophic semi-car truck accident. You can only have justice and peace of mind with good legal help. Lawyers at O’Hara Law Firm will advise you on what to do and guide you each step of the way. You are not alone in your legal battle. You will have excellent lawyers who represent you adequately in all legal proceedings. Do not allow insurance companies to lowball you, as they only want to give you the minimum amount possible. Let a semi-truck accident lawyer in Houston represent you in negotiating with the insurance companies so that they will cover all your losses. You might even get higher than what you expect. 

If you need to learn how to go through the proper legal remedies to protect your rights, hire an experienced semi-truck accident lawyer at O’Hara Law Firm. You will certainly feel secure that a credible lawyer represents you. You can focus on your recovery while your lawyer gets busy with your legal battle. Many things need to be done following a semi-truck accident in Texas. You can only rely on your attorney’s expertise and knowledge to get the results you deserve.

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