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Dog Bite Statistics

Everyday, approximately 1,000 people in the United States require emergency care treatment as the result of a dog bite injury. Half of those seeking treatment are children. Pit bulls and Rottweilers are responsible for 80% of all serious dog attacks and 73% of all deaths caused by dogs in America during the past ten years. Over 30 countries have breed specific legislation as a result of these statistics.

Dog bites and other dog-related injuries account for over 1/3 of all homeowner liability claims that were paid in 2015. These claims include not only injuries from dog bites but also claims for knocking down children, pedestrians and cyclists. The total number of claims in 2015 had decreased by a small percentage in comparison to 2014.

Medical Costs

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality published a study in 2010 showing that the number of Americans hospitalized for dog bite injuries almost doubled over a 15-year period. The same study calculated the average cost of a hospital stay that is related to a dog bite to be $18,200. This is higher than the cost of an average hospital stay that is related to an injury.

This estimate does not account for the additional medical costs that may likely occur after a hospital stay. Victims may need, physical therapy, cosmetic surgery, or counseling.

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