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Elderly Woman Attacked by Rottweilers

Earlier this month an elderly woman was attacked by two Rottweilers in Pearland, Texas. A neighbor spotted her with the two dogs on top of her. A neighbor was able to chase the dogs away by waving a stick and yelling. The dogs ran away to a yard nearby. The elderly woman was admitted to a hospital with serious injuries.

Police gave the owner of the dogs a ticket. The owner agreed to euthanize the dogs. After a severe attack, owners typically agreed to have the dogs euthanized in order to avoid a dangerous dog hearing. If a dog is declared “dangerous” by a judge, the owner must comply with several regulations including purchasing a $100,000 dog liability insurance policy or having the dog put down.

While Pit Bulls have a reputation for being aggressive dogs, Rottweilers are likely more dangerous with regard to attacking people. When considering the fact that there are more Pit Bulls and Pit Bull mixes in the United States than Rottweilers, Rottweilers have a disproportionate number of serious attacks. Rottweilers need early training and socialization to prevent them from becoming dangerously territorial.

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