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The number of pedestrian intersection-related collisions in Houston rose 42% from 2012 to 2015. Kinder Institute for Urban Research at Rice University conducted a study of Houston traffic fatalities to determine the most dangerous locations for pedestrian and bicyclists. The study concluded that intersections with traffic lights around downtown had the highest number of fatalities.

The study found that the most controlled intersections such as traffic lights are most likely to attract pedestrian-automobile and bicyclist-pedestrian crashes. Intersections with stop signs and noncontrolled intersections had fewer fatalities. The lower number of fatalities may be in part to less traffic and lower speed limits at the stop signs and noncontrolled intersections.

However, the more complicated the intersection, the higher the level of risk. The study’s authors opined that streets should be designed with pedestrians and bicyclists in mind and not just motorized vehicles. The study offered several suggestions to make busy intersections safer for pedestrians.

Civil engineers should design roads with pedestrians in mind. NHTSA reports that pedestrians are involved in 14% of all fatality crashes in a typical year. Each year, approximately 4,500 pedestrians are killed and 66,000 injured by motor vehicles. If a loved one has been killed, contact the O’Hara Law Firm for a free consultation. The O’Hara Law Firm represents clients on a contingency fee basis, so there is no fee unless you win. Call 832-956-1138.

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