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Houston City’s Adjustors Unethically Deny Claims

The O’Hara Law Firm has represented several clients who were injured by Houston employees in car accidents. In one case, a Houston police officer rear ended another driver at an intersection. The police officer admitted fault, and the Harris County Constable placed fault on the police officer in the police report. Despite clear liability, the Houston City adjustor claimed that the police officer was not at fault and denied the claim. After a lawsuit was filed, an attorney hired by the city settled the case promptly. Apparently, Houston has a pattern and practice of wrongfully deny claims and failing to accept responsibility for the actions of its employees.

Recently, a woman hired the O’Hara Law Firm to represent her after she was injured in a collision by a Houston employee driving a garbage truck. The driver made multiple mistakes by taking a right turn from a middle lane and attempting to go the wrong way on a one-way street. The injured woman was in the far-right lane when the garbage truck turned right from the middle lane and collided into her car. The investigating officer cited the garbage truck driver for an improper turn from a wrong lane.

The City of Houston investigated the accident as well. The City of Houston investigation report concluded that the city employee caused the accident. More specifically, the report concluded that the garbage truck driver made an illegal turn, turned from the wrong lane and failed to observe the surroundings. A “Do Not Turn” sign was posted at the street corner that the garbage truck driver ignored.

The woman complained of injuries at the scene of the collision. This was confirmed by the police report where it stated that the injured woman was going to see a family physician at a later time. The injured woman received medical care from a chiropractor and several physicians for her injuries in the accident. After her medical treatment was completed, the O’Hara Law Firm demanded compensation from the truck driver’s insurance carrier and employer, the City of Houston.

The City of Houston senior claim coordinator unethically denied the claim despite the fact that: (1) the employee admitted turning the truck into the woman’s car, (2) the police report placed blame on the city employee, and (3) the City of Houston’s own investigation placed all the fault on its employee. The adjustor, Jeffrey L. Ross, rejected the claim stating, “Our investigation fails to reveal any responsibility for your client’s Personal Injury. You are advised that this claim is denied.” The injured woman was left with no alternative but to sue the City of Houston to recover compensation for her medical bills and damages.

The O’Hara Law Firm sued Houston on behalf of the woman injured by the city’s garbage truck driver. As a result, the City of Houston wasted tax payer dollars on case expenses and paying an attorney to defend against the woman’s meritorious claims. Eventually, the City of Houston will likely attempt to settle the case, but not after wasting tax payer dollars.

Citizens of Houston should hold these unethical city employees accountable for rejecting valid claims and wasting taxpayer dollars. It is bad enough that innocent people have been injured by city employees. Insult is added to injury when the City of Houston refuses to take responsibility for its actions. Jeffrey L. Ross and other adjustors like him should be fired.

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