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Houston Ranked Second for Most Postal Worker Dog Bites

The Postal Service released its annual figures this month for dog bites in 2016. Houston had the second highest number of dog bites of postal worker at 62. Los Angeles was the only city with more dog bites at 80. Dog attacks on postal workers across the country hit a three-decade high of 6,755 dog bites. Part of the explanation for the increase is the fact that postal workers make deliveries seven days a week with work for internet companies like Amazon.

Two percent of postal workers were bit in 2016. Dog bites cost the postal service millions of dollars a year in workers compensation claims and medical expenses. The United States Postal Service releases dog bite statistics each year in an attempt to raise awareness. Dog owners can prevent attacks by keeping dogs in the back yard or in a separate room when answering the door. Some postal workers carry mace or pepper spray to fend off dogs, but sometimes the attack occurs to quickly for the postal worker to react.

The O’Hara Law Firm has represented several postal workers who were bit by dogs while delivering mail. In all of the cases, the dogs were released when the homeowner’s opened the front doors. After filing lawsuits on behalf of the injured clients, all of the cases settled prior to trial.

While postal workers comprise a portion of the dog bite victims each year, children are one of the largest groups of people bit by dogs. Approximately 750,000 children are bit each year by dogs. Many children are bit by their own pets. Parents should not leave their children unattended with dogs.

If you have been attacked by a dog, contact O’Hara Law Firm to learn more about your right to compensation. Call the O’Hara Law Firm today.

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