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How To Break Up A Dog Fight

When a dog fights with another dog, most owners attempt to break up the quarreling dogs. It is natural for a pet owner to want to protect his or her pet and prevent someone else’s pet from injury as well. However, all too often, a dog owner is bit while attempting to split up the fight. If a person is bit, even by his or her own dog, the police may require the dog to be quarantined. Government authorities will likely learn about the dog bite if the injured person requires medical treatment. Medical providers are required by law to report dog bites to government authorities. The investigating officer is required by law to order the owner to quarantine the dog if it has bit someone, even by accident.

Thus, it is important that dog owners know how to safely separate dogs in order to prevent harm to themselves and to prevent an unnecessary quarantine of the dog. Do not place your hand near a dog’s mouth or head when attempting to separate a fighting dog. Do not grab the dog’s collar. Below are several methods to break up dogs that are attacking each other:

· If there are two people, each person may grab the back legs of a dog and pull the dogs apart while keeping the legs raised. It will be difficult for the dog to turn around and bite the person if the legs are lifted high in the air and the person circles to one side while walking backwards.

· Spray water on the dogs with a hose to startle them.

· If the dogs have leashes on, pull the dogs apart by their leashes.

· Throw a blanket over the dogs. The dogs will likely stop fighting if they cannot see each other.

· Use a barrier to split the dogs up such as plywood, a trash can lid or long stick.

· Attempt to startle the dogs and get their attention by making a lot of noise. Banging two pieces of metal is an easy way to create loud noise.

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