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Insurance Coverage for Dog Attacks

Many dog owners are not able to pay a judgment against them if they are found responsible for the injuries caused by their dog. Texas law makes it difficult to collect from a person who does not have insurance. Texas law protects many assets from creditors. A creditor cannot take a person’s homestead, car, trade tools, pets and up to $100,000 of personal property. In many instances, a judgment against an individual without insurance is only worth the paper it is written on. However, there are several types of insurance that may provide coverage for a dog attacks.

Homeowner’s Insurance

Most victims receive compensation for their dog bite related injuries through homeowner’s insurance. The liability policy will often cover a dog attack if the attack occurs on the homeowner’s property. However, if there is an animal exclusion or dog breed exclusion, the insurance will not provide coverage for the claim.

Renter’s Insurance

This type of policy may provide coverage if the dog owner rents his home. This policy is very similar to homeowner’s insurance, but it typically has lower policy limits and most renters do not carry renter’s insurance.

Dog Liability Insurance

This form of insurance is extremely rare. Sometimes dog owners obtain separate insurance to cover a pet if the homeowner’s insurance will not provide coverage. If a dog has been declared a “dangerous dog” by a Texas government authority, the dog owner must carry $100,000 of liability insurance. Most dog owners euthanize the pet instead of purchasing the insurance.

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