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Is attorney needed in state of Texas after car accident

Is Attorney Needed In State Of Texas After Car Accident?

Looking for the best compensation package when the insurance company gives you an offer after a car accident is a tedious process. When dealing with the insurance company, you must do or know these things:

  1. You must be familiar with the state’s laws to know what applies to the situation. Each state has different rules and regulations governing issues on car accidents or vehicular collisions.
  2. You must assess the degree of damage or injury you sustained from the accident. You cannot arbitrarily determine this assessment, as you need to quantify all losses you incurred because of the accident.
  3. You need to gather all the evidence you can use so your claim against the insurance company will prosper. Data gathering requires time and effort. In addition, you shall also determine whether specific evidence will be allowed or not.
  4. You must comply with documentary requirements so the insurance company will entertain your request. You must fill in the necessary forms and submit proof of identification along with your claim.
  5. You need to understand whether the settlement offer given to you by the company is reasonable or not.

It is easy to understand and go through the entire process if you seek the assistance of legal experts on the matter. While you can do these things personally, having an attorney who can advise you on each step and even do the task for you would be better.

A Car Accident or Personal Injury Lawyer in Texas is Essential

Lawyers have different fields of specialization. One lawyer may specialize in criminal and family law, while others may specialize in civil, labor, commercial, and various facets of law. A lawyer specializing in car accident and personal injury cases is essential because this type of lawyer handles legal issues associated with car accidents. You may need help with the necessary steps you shall do after you encounter a car accident. You may be busy attending to your recovery or going to the auto shop so that you will be able to bring your vehicle for immediate repair. 

The daunting task of filing claims against the insurance company shall be the least of your worries. The lawyer knows very well what you should do so that your claim against the insurance company will be successful. The lawyer will also be responsible for determining if you obtained a reasonable settlement offer from the insurance company. An experienced lawyer with an excellent legal background can only help you win your case against the insurance company, whether an out-of-court settlement or an actual lawsuit filed in court. Because of these reasons, a Texas car accident or personal injury lawyer is essential. You cannot expect to know all these things, so you must leave this task to the lawyer.

Preparing for Out-of-Court Settlement

Your lawyer must prepare everything that is needed so that you will get the best compensation from the insurance company. From preparing all the required forms to seeking all the relevant evidence, the lawyer is duty-bound to the client to perform well in their duties. After a car accident, many scenarios may happen. First, you may discontinue filing cases in court or any other tribunal or administrative agency. Instead, you will negotiate with the insurance company for an out-of-court settlement. This situation happens when it is obvious who is at fault and there is no opposition. An out-of-court settlement is more convenient as you no longer have to go through a lengthy trial and litigation period to get compensated.

Second, you also have the option to go to court and file the necessary pleading through your lawyer. This option is discouraged as we want a speedy disposition of your request because time is of the essence. However, when the parties involved dispute your findings and instead, blame you for what happened or point their fingers at somebody else as the primary offender, there exists a question of fact. When a question of fact occurs, a trial in court is necessary to determine who is at fault and who shall be made liable to answer for the losses you incurred because of the accident.

Preparing for Trial

If an out-of-court settlement is not possible because the insurance company either disputes your allegation or they are not amenable to your demands, then seeking help in court to solve the problem is necessary. Since there is an actual case, you must seek a lawyer to represent you in court. The lawyer will gather all admissible evidence to help you with your claim. The lawyer will also file all the necessary pleadings to prosper your claim. Only a lawyer can help you if a trial is needed for your case. The lawyer will defend you to the best of their abilities so that your position will have a legal and factual basis.

If there is indeed negligence on the driver’s part, then the lawyer shall be able to prove this during the trial. The negligent driver must know and understand the results of his negligence. You shall not allow him to get away without facing legal consequences. 

Focus on your Health and Recovery while Pursuing your Insurance Claim

Although no law mandates hiring a lawyer for out-of-court settlements, having a lawyer can help you focus on your health and recovery. It would be best if you regained your energy and mental health while somebody else pursued your insurance claim. Remember that having a lawyer does not automatically guarantee that you will successfully pursue your claim. For your peace of mind, however, you are confident that a legal expert is there to conduct a necessary investigation after the accident, gather enough data and evidence, and everything required to prove that the erring driver was negligent. The lawyer will also be the one to represent you in negotiating with the insurance company that often lowballs their clients. 

Thus, for your convenience, hire a lawyer that will assist you in navigating the entire process of filing claims. It isn’t easy to do this yourself when you need to focus on your recovery, if necessary. Whether or not your claim will prosper should be the least of your worries.

Filing an Insurance Claim

After a car accident, you can file an insurance claim against the appropriate insurance company. Depending on the terms of your insurance policy, you can seek compensation from your insurance for the injury you sustained or damage to your vehicle. If appropriate, you may also seek compensation from the insurance company of the erring driver. You can even seek compensation from both companies if the amount given to you by one insurance company is insufficient to answer for all costs of hospitalization, medical treatment, and repair of your vehicle.

A Good Law Firm Facilitates the Process of Filing an Insurance Claim

You can process an insurance claim on your own, but nothing beats having peace of mind upon knowing that a good law firm handles the process of filing an insurance claim for you. You do not have to worry about your mounting medical expenses or the lost income you suffered from the car accident. A good law firm takes note of all your losses so that the insurance company will adequately compensate you later on. Lawyers know what to do in cases such as this. Trust that you will be able to get legal help in submitting your request to the insurance company concerned. 

After a car accident, an attorney will help you receive monetary awards as compensation for your losses. You need not worry about where to find the funds for your medical treatment because you should receive a monetary award to cover your medical bills, pain, and suffering. If you become physically disabled because of the accident, you could also seek compensation for lost wages and physical therapy.

It Would Help if You Had an Attorney from O’Hara Law Firm

An attorney from O’Hara Law Firm is more than willing to help you to get back to your life before the car accident. You deserve excellent compensation after you have experienced all the hardships, trauma, and discomfort of a car accident. The question remains: Is it necessary to hire an attorney after a car accident? The answer depends on your priority. On the one hand, do you want to save up litigation costs, but as a result, you are still determining the outcome of your insurance claim without assurance?

On the other hand, do you want to invest in a good lawyer so that you will be confident of the outcome of your insurance claim and focus on your recovery? The choice is all yours. An attorney at O’Hara Law Firm will also help you find justice. The driver who was negligent in his affairs shall face the proper consequences provided by law. The insurance company shall be able to provide a reasonable settlement offer. Hiring a lawyer does not only give you peace of mind, but more importantly, it gives you some sense of justice. 

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