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Attorney Patrick O’Hara obtained a judgment for over $900,000 for a young girl that was attacked by a neighbor’s pit bull. The dog escaped through a broken window. The unprovoked dog charged the young girl and bit her on the legs in her own driveway. One of the dog owners eventually pulled the dog off the victim. The victim’s mother sought medical treatment for her daughter immediately after the event. The child underwent two surgeries and physical therapy to treat her injuries. The victim will likely have scars on her legs for the rest of her life and need plastic surgery in the future.

The dog was quarantined and then put to sleep after the attack. If the dog had not been euthanized, a hearing to determine whether the dog she be adjudicated as a “dangerous dog” likely would have occurred. If a dog bites a person unprovoked and causes serious harm, it is foolish for the owner to keep the dog. The owner is on notice that the dog is aggressive and may bite again. Sadly, there are many victims who are bit by dogs that have a history of biting people and other dogs. These subsequent attacks could have been prevented if the dog owners had euthanized their dogs or taken extra precautions to ensure that the dogs could not escape their enclosures. Sometimes homeowner associations bear responsibility as well for not enforcing Bylaws or not maintaining exterior fixtures.

Attorney Patrick O’Hara is an experienced lawyer with regard to handling dog bite cases. He has represented clients with permanent debilitating injuries. If you have been attacked by a dog, contact The O’Hara Law Firm for a free consultation. If you live in North Houston or Spring, The O’Hara Law Firm is near you.

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