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O’Hara Law Firm Resolves Claims with Elephant Insurance Company

The O’Hara Law Firm recently settled several claims for policy limits on behalf of clients who were injured by drivers insured by Elephant Insurance. Elephant Insurance is a subsidiary company of the Admiral Group. The company is less than ten years old. Elephant Insurance currently offers insurance in only six states: Illinois, Indiana Maryland, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia. Elephant insurance offers several different insurance products, but the primary insurance offered by the company is auto insurance.

Elephant Insurance attempts to offer more competitive rates compared to larger insurance companies by offering insurance directly to consumers. The company does not use agents and instead sells directly through its website. While Elephant Insurance may offer cheaper premiums than some of its competitors, it also has a higher rate of complaints than the average insurance company in Texas. The Texas Department of Insurance reported that Elephant Insurance Company has a higher ratio of complaints to the number of policyholders compared to the average insurer. Over the past two years, the ratio of complaints to policyholders has increased for Elephant Insurance. In 2017, Elephant Insurance received five times as many complaints per policy compared to the state average.

It appears that most of Elephant’s policies are small. In Texas, the minimum policy limits are $30,000/$60,000 for personal injury. This policy provides a maximum amount of coverage of $30,000 per person with a maximum total of $60,000 per accident. Thus, if three people were injured, the total amount that would be paid out to all three people combined is $60,000. If you are injured by a driver with Elephant Insurance, the driver will likely have a minimum policy.


If you are injured in an accident, take the following steps to increase your chances of recovery from the automotive insurance company.

1. Call the Police

It is not uncommon for a negligent driver to admit fault at the scene of the accident but then deny fault when speaking to his or her insurance adjuster. The police officer will make a record of what was said and provide his conclusions regarding the fault. In addition, the police officer will record the insurance information for those involved in the accident and contact information for any witnesses that speak to the officer. A police report is a valuable tool when negotiating your claim.

2. Take Pictures of the Vehicles

Take pictures of the vehicles, so you have evidence of the severity of the impact. If the driver repairs his car soon after the accident, you may not have any pictures of the other vehicle for evidence. You also want evidence that the property damage was caused by the collision and not some other cause after the car accident.

3. Seek Medical Attention Quickly

If you are injured in the collision, seek medical attention within twenty-four hours of the collision. The medical records will create a record of your injuries related to the collision. If you wait several days to seek medical attention, the insurance adjuster will argue that maybe something else caused your injuries, or in the alternative, you must not have been that badly injured if you waited several days. Seek medical attention quickly and notify the doctor about the motor vehicle collision.

4. Do Not Settle with the Insurance Company Until Medical Treatment is Over

Some insurance adjustors might offer you a quick settlement while you are receiving medical treatment. Do not accept it. When you settle, you release the insurance company from any and all future claims. If you need additional medical treatment, you will not be able to receive additional compensation. Some insurance adjustors will offer a quick settlement to avoid having to pay for future medical treatment. Do not settle until you no longer need medical treatment and know the full amount of your medical bills and lost wages.

If you have been injured in a motor vehicle collision, contact The O’Hara Law Firm for a free consultation. Patrick O’Hara is a car accident attorney that handles motor vehicle collision cases in Houston, Baytown, Humble, Spring, Cypress, Jersey Village, Bellaire, and other surrounding areas. The O’Hara Law Firm represents clients on a contingency fee basis. Call us at 832-956-1138.

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