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Owners Finally Surrender Animal After Fourth Attack

This week in Spring, Texas, two children were bit by an animal that appears to be a wolf or wolf hybrid. The animal escaped from the owners’ backyard and attacked two boys aged 8 and 11 that lived nearby. Investigators with animal control stated that this is the fourth reported attack by the animal since December 2017. If the victims pursue a claim against the animal’s owners, it is hard to imagine a scenario where the owners will not be held responsible. This incidence is a textbook example of negligent ownership of an animal.

An officer claims that he attempted to make sure the owners properly quarantined the animal after each attack. The officer claims that the owners were not cooperative. Wolves and wolf-hybrids kept as pets are more likely to bite a person than any known domestic breed. The number of attacks by wolves and hybrids is disproportionately high compared to the relatively small number of wolves and hybrids owned in the United States.

“Free Bite Rule” Does Not Apply to Wild Animals

Some states do not apply the “one free bite” rule to dogs that are part wolf because they are not considered a domestic animal. Most states pose strict liability on injuries caused by wild animals. In other words, if the wild animal gets away, you pay.

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