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Semi truck accident lawyer Truck Blind Spot Accident and how Houston attorney could help

Semi-truck Accident Lawyer: Truck Blind Spot Accident And How Houston Attorney Could Help?

Semi-trucks are Challenging to Drive

Semi-trucks are enormous vehicles that require a very experienced driver to maneuver. It is not easy to drive one due to its large size. Thus, semi-truck drivers are responsible for being competent in driving and obedient to traffic rules to deliver cargo safely. It is the responsibility of semi-truck drivers to drive at a slow and consistent speed to avoid semi-truck car accidents in Texas. It is also the responsibility of semi-truck drivers to be aware of their surroundings and ensure that there are no barricades that will disrupt the way and freight. Unlike small vehicles, semi-trucks need an enormous space on the road. 

Drivers need to turn the truck safely, left or right. It is crucial for semi-truck drivers to continuously observe the side mirror before making any turns without compromising their focus on the main road. It is also equally essential for semi-truck drivers to turn on the proper signals before doing any wide turn in any direction.

Otherwise, semi-truck car accidents in Texas can happen if the driver fails to execute the necessary diligence on the road. Unfortunately, driving trucks exposes the driver to many risks within and beyond their control. Safety measures must be diligently applied so that the drivers will avoid semi-truck accidents as much as possible. 

One reason that causes semi-truck accidents in Texas is the failure to observe the proper care when there is a blind spot. In simple terms, these blind spots are those areas that truck drivers cannot see, or if they can see the sites, they are barely visible.

Examples of a Truck’s Blind Spots

One example of a truck’s blind spot is the area below and behind the driver’s windows. Because of the truck’s size, drivers can hardly see this area. If anything hits it, it will even surprise the driver. Another example is the space behind the trailer. Unlike an ordinary vehicle with a back or rearview mirror, a truck does not have one. The reason why trucks do not have a rearview mirror is apparent. Since the truck carries a trailer on its back, even if there is a rearview mirror, the driver can only see the trailer behind. In this case, the rearview mirror will be useless. 

Another example is the space immediately in front of the truck’s cab. This spot is a blind spot because of the elevation of the truck. Due to the high level of the truck, a driver can barely see this spot.

If another vehicle happens to be in the truck’s blind spots, then any wrong move of the truck driver will lead to semi-truck accidents in Texas.

Truck’s Blind Spots Leading to Semi-truck Accidents in Texas

The truck’s blind spots make the trucks more susceptible to accidents. A driver’s single mistake can cause massive damage. The truck driver may not even know a vehicle is behind it. If the truck driver is not cautious in making a turn, a vehicle behind that runs at an incredible speed may collide with the truck in front. 

Many vehicular accidents in Texas involve semi-truck accidents. Sadly, when a vehicular collision with a semi-truck and the other vehicle is a small car, the driver and passengers of that tiny car will sustain bad injuries or even death. The effect will be worse if the other vehicle runs at high speed. The higher the speed, the more significant the impact. Semi-truck accidents in Texas may lead to death. If there are semi-truck accidents in Texas, these do not only result in property damage but also severe injuries to other persons.

The blind spots of a semi-truck may result in massive damage. Blind spot accidents can take away property and lives. It would be best to be cautious on the road considering the risks involved in a truck’s blind spots.

Who is Liable for Truck Blind Spot Accidents?

The question now remains: who is liable for truck blind spot accidents? The answer to this question is on a case-to-case basis. There is no definite answer. Investigators must lay down the facts carefully and objectively to determine who is liable. As a general rule, drivers of another vehicle that follows a truck must be more cautious, considering that a truck has blind spots. The driver of that particular vehicle must know that they shall not go very near the truck to the point that they reach the truck’s blind spots. Otherwise, their vehicle will not be visible to the truck driver if they go to those spots. The truck driver may not know that another vehicle is behind or beside it. 

Thus, drivers of another vehicle must not negligently overtake a truck. There has to be a vast enough space for that vehicle to overtake the truck. The driver also has to ensure that no other vehicle is approaching from the other side when they wish to overtake the slow-moving truck. This rule requires drivers to be patient when following a gigantic truck. It is better to be patient and drive slower than drive fast and be reckless. The drivers shall also give the truck the right amount of space before the truck can turn. 

When the truck driver is about to do a wide turn, it is the other driver’s responsibility to stop or slow down. The other driver shall not speed up when the truck driver already gives the signal when they wish to move in a specific direction. Providing enough space when another driver is tailgating a truck is also essential. The area shall be wide enough for the other driver to carefully make a break when the truck in front breaks suddenly.

The truck driver must be cautious in making the right signals when they want to turn the truck to the left or right. Truck drivers should use the blinkers as often as they should. Making signals is something that many drivers need to pay attention to. Some drivers are complacent about using blinkers, thinking that since the truck is huge, another driver will have to wait for it to make a turn. Truck drivers shall also be conscious of their speed and ensure that they shall only drive within the speed limit for trucks. Truck drivers shall observe proper traffic rules to avoid accidents. It is not wise to beat the red light at an intersection. When the traffic signal is about to turn red, the truck driver must pause and patiently wait for the signal. Failure to do this will result in semi-truck accidents in Texas.

In sum, liability for semi-truck accidents in Texas depends on many factors. The investigators shall study all the facts surrounding the case and the evidence. After a semi-truck accident, investigators will go to the scene to comprehensively report on the matter. They will write their findings based on the actual position of the vehicles, the speed of the cars as estimated by specific equipment, and the damage caused by the collision. It is a challenging job to determine who is at fault. There is no definite answer that solves the problem overnight, so it takes days for the investigators to finally come up with a recommendation that they can submit to the insurance companies for their reference.

Semi-truck Accident Lawyers in Houston

If you get involved in semi-truck accidents in Texas, you need a semi-truck accident lawyer. Semi-truck accident lawyers in Houston will help you gather all the facts, data, and evidence to have adequate compensation for the losses you suffered from the accident. If you had to go to the hospital because of the accident, the person liable should pay your medical bills. If you lose your job because of a physical disability for a certain period, the one responsible for the accident shall also compensate you for the lost income. 

If you suffered from sleepless nights and emotional trauma because of the accident, you also need to receive compensation as moral damages. Semi-truck accident lawyers in Houston will help you get the compensation you deserve. Trust that semi-truck accident lawyers in O’Hara Law Firm will be able to explain to you the legal actions that you should take so that you can demand compensation. 

Semi-truck accident lawyers in O’Hara Law Firm have years of experience handling cases related to car and semi-truck accidents. These years of experience prove that their lawyers are competent enough to fight for your rights. Lawyers at O’Hara Law Firm assisted thousands of successful clients in their claims against insurance companies after a car accident. The law firm takes pride in its lawyer’s exceptional services to assist clients in the most empathetic manner. For sure, clients only want one thing – a sense of justice. 

Justice is possible when you have the proper legal remedies. If you want an excellent lawyer to assist you after a semi-truck accident in Texas, do not hesitate to call 281-919-2073. You can discuss the matter with an experienced attorney who listens to you and gives you proper legal advice.

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