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Truck Driver Sentenced to 20 Years for Hitting School Bus

The driver of an 18-wheeler was sentenced to twenty years in jail last month for an accident that occurred two years ago in September 2014. The convicted driver was driving a log-hauling big rig in Florida when he struck the rear of a bus filled with children that was slowing down to let children off. The bus had its yellow lights flashing and stop arm extended when it was struck.

The driver was likely distracted with his naked wife in the cab of the truck with him. She claimed after the accident that she took her clothes off because it was hot and that her underwear tore off when the accident occurred. The negligent driver had five driving violations dating back to 2007. The driver claimed he was unable to stop because the brakes on the truck were defective. Police discovered that eight of the ten brakes were defective. The truck never should have been on the road in that condition.

Seven of the fifteen children on the bus were injured, with the most serious injury being a crushed leg. Another child suffered an open skull fracture. One of the first witnesses on the scene was another truck driver who punched the negligent driver as soon as he exited the 18-wheeler. The other driver testified that he was overcome with emotion and felt he did nothing wrong when he punched the defendant big rig driver. The bus driver testified in court that she was traumatized from seeing all the children injured on her bus.

Despite the fact that the driver blamed the defective brakes, the Judge sentenced the driver to 20 years, 5 years for each of the four counts of reckless driving.

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