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Our team a the O’Hara Law Firm provides experienced representation for people injured in commercial truck accidents. The insurance company for the trucking company and truck driver will attempt to limit your compensation for your injuries. Trucking companies have lawyers to defend them. Shouldn’t you have a lawyer to advocate for you. We will fight on your behalf for just compensation.

A fully-loaded tractor-trailer truck can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds. A few seconds of distraction or inattention for a commercial truck driver can mean disaster for those in a smaller automobile nearby.

12% of all traffic fatalities involve a commercial truck, and one out of every twenty-five traffic-related injuries involves a commercial truck. The person in the passenger vehicle is almost always on the losing end with 86% of those killed in truck-related accidents in the passenger vehicle. Accidents involving 18-wheelers often result in brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, amputations, paralysis, and death.

The O’Hara Law Firm fights aggressively for the best result for each client. Cases are prepared as if they are going to trial. Some plaintiff firms settle every case and never proceed to trial. This approach by some firms ultimately leads to lower settlements for clients. We have experience in the courtroom and is ready and willing to advocate in front of a jury for clients.

Common causes of 18 wheeler accidents are: speeding, fatigue, drugs, poor maintenance and inexperience. Trucks take longer to slow down because of their size, so speeding is particularly dangerous for trucks. The law limits the amount of time a truck driver may drive during the day and requires drivers to obtain a minimum amount of sleep. Drivers sometimes violate these rules in order to meet deadlines. Fatigue may lead to serious injuries and death. Poor maintenance of brakes, tires and other equipment may cause an accident. An inexperienced truck driver is more likely to make a mistake and cause an accident if he does not have proper training and testing. These are common causes of commercial truck accidents.

If you have been injured in an accident with a commercial truck, contact us for a free consultation. Learn about your options today.


Commercial Truck Regulations

Federal and state regulations govern commercial trucking companies and their drivers. Federal regulations place restrictions on the maximum amount of hours that a truck driver may drive in a twenty-four hour period to prevent driving while fatigued. In addition, drivers are required to rest for a minimum number of hours before driving again. Federal law requires drivers to keep a logbook that records driving and resting time. Truck accident attorneys understand these laws and will audit the records to determine if the truck driver complied with the regulations.

Common causes of 18-wheeler truck accidents include:

  • Safety rule violations;
  • Fatigued driving;
  • Substandard truck maintenance;
  • Drug use or drunk driving;
  • Improper hiring of dangerous drivers; and
  • Driver negligence.

When a truck driver causes an accident, they may lose their license and their ability to earn a living as a commercial driver. The law limits the number of accidents and traffic violations a commercial driver may have on their record before suspending his commercial driver’s license. Some company policies are even stricter than state law. As a result, truck drivers have an incentive to avoid responsibility for causing a collision. Trucking companies and their drivers have lawyers and insurance companies fighting for them. Do not face them alone. Contact our attorneys at the O’Hara Law Firm if you have been injured by a commercial vehicle such as an 18 wheeler, bus or dump truck.