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Earlier this month, a family pet mauled a 2-month old to death in San Marcos, Texas. The family had owned the dog for eight years since it was a puppy. The father fell asleep on the couch with the infant in a bouncer. When he awoke, he found his child’s body covered in bites. The family claims the dog had never shown any signs of aggression prior to the deadly attack. Stories like this are heartbreaking..
In Texas, three people are hurt or killed in an accident involving alcohol every hour. A higher percentage of Texas citizens are injured in alcohol related motor vehicle collisions than the national average. Over 1,000 people are killed each year in Texas by a drunk driver.
This morning, a woman in a black Nissan Sentra was killed when she crossed several lanes of traffic at once and struck the concrete barrier. After striking the concrete barrier, the vehicle flipped onto its side and ejected the front passenger. Sadly, the passenger was pronounced dead at the scene. The condition of the driver and other occupants is unknown..
Houston leads the country in dog attacks on letter carriers. Part of the problem stems from Houston having a large population of stray dogs. However, the majority of attacks have been by dogs owned by recipients of mail. Seventy-seven postal carriers were attacked by dogs in 2015 in Houston, Texas.
Last July, seventeen-year-old Miguel Marcial was riding his bike along a rode in Houston after finishing the late shift with his brother. He was on the way to a nearby pharmacy. A few blocks away from his destination, he was struck from behind by a new BMW and launched head first into a tree. The driver failed to stop and give aid, leaving the teenager to die.
Given the state’s population, it is no surprise that California has the most dog bite claims each year. In 2015, over 1,000 dog bite claims were made on insurance policies in California alone. However, with regard to fatal dog attacks, Texas has the highest number of deaths caused by dog attacks each year. In 2015, Texas reported five lethal dog attacks.
On Monday before Thanksgiving, tragedy struck Chattanooga, TN when a bus driver crashed a bus into a tree. Five children died at the scene. A sixth child passed away at the hospital. Five other children remain at the hospital. Toxicology exams did not show any alcohol or drugs in the driver’s system
We have experience pursuing compensation for clients who have been seriously and permanently injured by dog attacks. In some instances, the property owner, HOA, landlord and others may be partly responsible for the attack if they were negligent or knew of the dog’s dangerous propensities. Call O'Hara Law Firm after receiving initial medical treatme