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Did you know semi-truck drivers observe a higher standard of care than other drivers? They are subject to safety regulations specifically legislated for the trucking industry. This might raise some questions.
Do you get nervous when you’re near a semi-truck on the freeway? That’s normal, considering semi-trucks can weigh up to 40,000 pounds. And they require a stopping distance, measuring around two or three cars in length.
Getting involved in a truck accident is scary. Imagine having a 40-ton truck ramming its way through the highway, and you’re in its path.
Has a semi-truck hit you? Are you wondering if you can file a case against the driver? This article will discuss what you can do after getting into a semi-truck accident.
Did you know about 4,400 deaths in 2021 resulted from car accidents in Texas? This figure reflected a 15-percent increase from the 3,900 recorded deaths in 2020.
Did you know around 19,400 people sustained severe injuries in car accidents in Texas in 2021? The 2021 death toll was about 4,400—an increase from 3,900 in 2020.
It is common for drivers to exchange insurance information after an auto accident. Both drivers should have adequate insurance coverage to answer for the damage. But what if one doesn't have any at all?
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